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Over the past 8 months a series of vibration testing was performed on the MRP reaction that occurs during Tribo Friction. These tests were performed on the Headstock of a High Speed CNC machine for determining if the MRP would decrease the vibrations caused by the Spindle bearings running within a wet bath lubrication reservoir. The machine we tested had new bearings but the cutting tools were vibrating heavily. The reservoir contained Shell Spirax W30 gear oil. Four tests were performed using a three phase vibration analyzer applied directly to the Headstock. The first was the base line. Second was the additions of the MRP. Third, vibrations decreasing significantly. The forth is two weeks after treatment. Once per month the test is followed up to determine if vibration returned. The Spindle bearings run at 15,000 rpms. The less vibration the more improvement to the lathed finished product in this case steel.  Countless COF testing performed by many third party testing labs has reported PASS on all ASTM methods including the FZG four square throughout the past two decades. Spindle vibration testing is by far superior to all methods for determining MRP’s precise reactions according to its mechanisms of smoothing, Hardening embedding constant lubricity.

By continuing to monitor the vibration testing determines the Sustainability’s MRP presents within all forms of applications and within all the environmental’s present such as moisture and oxygen. Spindle bearings due to there high speed of RPMs degrades the Metallurgical properties of the bearings due to Electrolysis. After this occurs, then during shutdown corrosion and flash rust appears throughout the spindles. These tests have proven and qualified that the reaction occurring at the metal surfaces sees significant reductions to possibly the lowest forms of COF with the lubricants inside the reservoir. Vibrations can determine friction, wear, heat and corrosion as well as oxidizing beginnings causing the oxidation chain. In conclusion, the Technology has proven to perform at all stages from Spindle bearings to the Most Extreme weights and pressures of 10 inch Timken bearings within rail road carts carrying thousands of tons that exceeds all film strengths of conventional lubrications. Once these Tribo films are exceeded, failure and wear begin.  



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