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Fluidine MRP (Molecular Repulsion Polarity) was invented and tested specifically for the lubrication industry. As a friction reducer our cutting fluids generate less heat therefore less wear in all cutting tools. Regardless if you are making rapid cuts or cutting for long periods, our cutting fluids and gels save tools, reduces energy consumption and makes more precise cuts. 


• Reduces heat when cutting

• Saves drill bits, band saw blades, endmills, taps and dies, etc.

• More precise cutting

• Long or Rapid cutting periods



Fluidine MRP (Molecular Repulsion Polarity) saves your heavy equipment components, reduces fuel consumption and increases equipment performance.


• Use on any size bearing, ring gear and pinion

• Use in differentials for wear and performance

• In hydraulic systems. Increased life of pumps, valves, cylinders and seals.



Fluidine MRP (Molecular Repulsion Polarity) works in all transportation applications. 

• Reducing overall fuel and energy consumption

• Less downtime

• Greater performance


Fluidine MRP (Molecular Repulsion Polarity) works with all robotic machinery.

• Use in air lubricators for less component wear and better performance


• Our greases are formulated with the best wear properties


• Decreases energy consumption


• Increasing the life of seals, wipers, O-rings and piston seals


• Increases all component life saving money and downtime



Fluidine MRP (Molecular Repulsion Polarity) can be used in all facets of the timber processing industry from sawblades, chippers and planers to conveyors, gearboxes, pneumatics and hydraulics.

• Increasing the life of cutting components

• ​Increased mechanical, hydraulic pumps, valves and cylinders components


• Use in air lubricators and air compressors for longer equipment and tool life and better performance

• Reduced energy consumption


Fluidine MRP (Molecular Repulsion Polarity) is used in all lubricant applications of all agricultural equipment implements, tractor engines, differentials and hydraulics. Combines, cotton pickers, vegetable harvesting equipment and grain bin logistics etc.

• Hydraulic systems for less component wear and cylinder repairs

• Increasing engine life and engine performance

• In differentials saving fuel consumption and wear


Fluidine MRP (Molecular Repulsion Polarity) is used in many household applications from your window cranks to your bicycle chain and sprockets. Our penetrating fluid and lubricant are the best on the market.


From working hard to playing hard we are


"making life easier for everything on the move"

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