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After 20 years of persistent research and development we have produced friction reducing lubricants in all forms. USDA certified 89% bio-based, reducing energy and fuel consumption while increasing equipment and component life in all applications.


Crankcases in all IC engine applications, gearboxes, hydraulic fluids in their applications including pumps, valves, cylinders and hoses. Grease applications, bearings etc. Also, machine tool and cutting fluids. Covering nearly all industries. Our process of Reducing friction through Magnetic Repulsion Polarity is a metal conditioning process that uses the friction within the application to generate a magnetic repulsion polarity directly on all existing metal surfaces making our lubricants and additives superior to any other.


It is our desire that every industry and household experience being a part of and sharing in our dream of seeing a reversal in our carbon footprint, while benefiting from this new and exciting technology that reduces friction and heat in all of its applications.

When we depart Mother Earth may it be said of us that we were good stewards of those things we have come to appreciate, love and enjoy. May it be said that we did not abuse the great abundance of natural resources earth has to offer. Just as did the Taw Caw Native Americans who once dwelt on these lands and where we now proudly produce our environmentally friendly products.  May our children and grandchildren be able to experience and enjoy the beauty of this extraordinary planet we call earth and we call home.

From all of us here at Taw Caw Solutions, home of Fluidine Lubricants.

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