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MRP is a technology light years ahead of modern day Tribological Sciences attempting to reduce friction, heat and wear. It has had more testing in Labs and more importantly within on site applications within the most extreme industrial sites in the world. MRP is a technology that allows every end user to personally witness results no other additive or Tribological fluid has ever presented. It is Science literally in a bottle or a grease tube. All additives and finished oils have always been sold and distributed by technical lab results and in-depth data but that’s Tribology of the past. MRP presents paradigm shifts to the standard status quo’s. Don’t be part of the stays quo’s that’s proven to be the improper lubrication's that’s the direct cause for a $1 trillion dollar loss to the Gross National Product to America every year. Reliability Engineers has reported a drastic increase break downs and replacements due to improper lubrication since 1995 when it was reported to be 50%. In 2014 it was 70%. Today it’s reported 80%. Test it and try it. It will prove to you as it has many times to turn the tides. Any testing can be performed for any customer within labs or third party labs. Let us show you Bottom line savings your company could have never imagined. 

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