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Recently we at American Waterjet Robotics began using your products, the Fluidine MRP, for a super high tech metal stretching operation to greatly increase the tensile strength of the metals used in our 55,000 PSI ultra high pressure pumps. Your product successfully allowed us to exceed our previous standards and thus produce a stronger part. The parts are now able to out perform all previous versions of our process. 

Additionally, the grease samples that we received from you seemed too viscous to use on our self-spinning rotary union. We were wary to use the grease but after trying it one time we realized that this grease caused the head to spin double any speed it had previously spun, greatly increasing the productivity of the rotary union.

We cannot put higher marks on Fluidine MRP and Fluidine grease. These products have exceeded our expectations and we rarely find products that impress us as your products have. Our applications are extreme in nature and your products have changed the game for us. We cannot say thank you enough and we look forward to being a lifelong customer of yours and we will continue to voice the high quality of your products to others.

Don Bailey and Team

American Waterjet Robotics, LLC

My name is James Leo Garner and I’ve been the Maintenance Supervisor for Cooper T Smith Shipyards here in Charleston SC for 39 years. Keeping mechanical equipment especially our engines running at peak performance in the salt water atmosphere here at these yards has always been a never ending task due to constant failures and down time. We have a team of very qualified PM employees on staff round the clock. I was introduced to a technology that may aid in decreasing our downtime from equipment failures a few years ago. Having heard of all of the snake oils on the market, I was very hesitant to proceed at first especially due to the costs of our engines and equipment. I did my due diligence to the best of my knowledge and after hearing of this products success within the inland waterways tug and barge repair, I spoke to that technician that had been using it for many years in Ohio. I began using MRP Concentrate in a few applications and the success began to materialize. I’ll not go into all the details of different applications but I will share one that’s impossible. This technology has saved this company $50,000 in just six months. Here’s one of those applications. One of our Cummins QSMI 11 engines had a scored cylinder in #1. These motors sell for $40,000 used. We ran a scope camera and seen how bad it was. I doubled the intended ratio from 2 ounces per quart of the MRP, to 4 ounces per quart. The engine had serious Blow By before we treated it and the oil was pouring out of it. After I treated it, the Blow By stopped and the oil stopped from the bit. I highly recommend this technology for all engines, gear boxes and any wet bath lubrication application. There is absolutely no way that lab reports of positive wear reductions could have helped or determined what we have witnessed. It’s all about what this technology does within real time applications. Fluidine MRP is top of the line.

James Leo Garner

Maintenance Supervisor

Cooper T Smith Shipyard Charleston SC

I have worked in the Fabrication and Manufacturing world for over 30 yrs., and have been exposed to numerous products claiming to be a superior product for lubrication. Some were a little better than others but came at a significant higher cost that did not live up to the extended offered time for the cost.

Four years ago I was introduced to a new product that not only exceeded past products but came with a very competitive price, in some cases lower than the current product being used. Its ability to reduce the number one killer in moving parts; FRICTION, far exceeded our expectations, reducing down time and part replacement.

I have been able to use it in our maintenance departments reducing down time for repair by 30% overall. We also use it on our welding fixtures to prevent weld spatter accumulation and keeping clamps fluid and free moving, it also works well in preventing excess weld spatter from building up on the fixture. The difference has been remarkable.

As a rust penetrant for corroded or rusty nuts, bolts or even locked up equipment it has been quite effective on everything we have used it on. The grease is probably one of the best I have ever used at a cost that will not break the bank. In one case we had a generator that had been sitting for a while that would not start; after spraying Fluidine in the carburetor and letting it sit for a minute, it fired right up.

I am extremely pleased with the product and an avid user, I would definitely recommend it to anyone needing a reliable, versatile spray or grease lubricant.

Phil Briggs

Engineering Manager

Our primary product is anodized aluminum. As such we use titanium bolts, 304 and 316 stainless bolts and nuts. The anodized process creates chemicals that clog the threads. Without the use of the Fluidine products the threads will bind when trying to remove the bolts to service the anodized racks. Fluidind is the only thing we have found that will enable us to remove the nuts without binding. The spray will just simply melt away the corrosion that causes the binding. Best most effective product I have ever used related to this problem encountered. I have been at the job of metal finishing manager and rack maintenance for 54 years.

Jerry Robinson

Metal Finishing Manager

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