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Today, the industrial revolution is chained to ancient technologies in the world of lubrication. Technologies of the past seldom or only slightly affects customers bottom line savings due to replacement parts of worn out equipment directly affected by the number one cause, friction. It never been scientifically subdued until now even though claims have been made otherwise. No concrete evidence has been presented to industrial tribology proving any evidential facts to the points that we now present.

Fluidine MRP (Molecular Repulsion Polarity) is based upon a 10 year’s study presenting well documented results never achieved in history in the world of big oil. The significance of Magnetic Repulsion Polarity (MRP) technology blended into all Fluidine MRP metal conditioning lubrication is shown in the real world testing that has been accomplished. The factual qualifications in the difference between conventional lubrication and Fluidine MRP products is simple. Conventional lubricants bring about billions of dollars every year attempting to slightly control metallurgical mechanical friction and generates unimaginable toxins to our environment daily. Fluidine MRP stops friction and reduces toxins so drastically that toxins are cut more than 90% and it is the answer to not only foreign energy dependency but it is the direct solution to global warming.

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