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Industrial Extreme Pressure Gear oils.
Fluidine with MRP technology Gear Oils are premium quality. Designed with anti-wear agents that reduces friction and heat caused by friction by as much as 20%.  Extreme pressure, industrial gear lubricants designed for use in enclosed or exposed industrial gear drives, bearings, chain, slides, non-limited slip differentials and marine applications requiring extreme pressure. These oils are designed to operate under severe service, heavy load, and shock conditions.

With less friction, expect less energy used to perform the same task.  The innovation is a metal conditioning component that cleans and carburizes each friction point that rubs throughout lubricated applications. Our gear oil saves energy by as much as 17% in all applications.

Our gear oil products have proven results from independent engineering organizations and can increase equipment life by as much as 5 times. Reducing the high cost of replacing any and all components associated with its use due to premature failure.

Kool Gear gear lube has extremely good antifoam characteristics and water separation.
Fluidine Industrial Gear Oils satisfy most major industrial gear manufactures’ requirements, including AGMA 250.04, US
Steel and MIL-2105 specifications for extreme pressure gear lubes, as well as Cincinnati Milacron P-77, P-76, P74, P59
and P-35.
Product Features:
• Extreme Pressure Protection
• Good antifoam characteristics
• Superior water Separation
Customer Benefits:
• Premium quality industrial gear lubricant
• For use in a wide variety of industrial gear drives


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