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Increases Equipment Life


Reduces Energy Consumption


Increases Performance

The next generation in Lubricity Technology and Metal Surface Science

After 20 years of persistent research and development we have produced friction reducing lubricants in all forms. USDA certified 89% bio-based, reducing energy and fuel consumption while increasing equipment and component life in all applications. Crankcases in all IC engine applications, gearboxes, hydraulic fluids in their applications including pumps, valves, cylinders and hoses. Grease applications, bearings etc. Also, machine tool and cutting fluids.

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Heavy Equipment

Add to hydraulic systems for cooler operations, prolonged component life and better performance.

Industry Uses

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Machine Tool

Increased life of cutting tools, drill bits and saw blades.



Improved accuracy while increasing the life of rotatory components and cylinders.

Work Hard or Play Hard

Increased Performance and Reduced Fuel Consumption


Recently we at American Waterjet Robotics began using your products, the Fluidine MRP, for a super high tech metal stretching operation to greatly increase the tensile strength of the metals used in our 55,000 PSI ultra high pressure pumps. Your product successfully allowed us to exceed our previous standards and thus produce a stronger part. The parts are now able to out perform all previous versions of our process. 

Additionally, the grease samples that we received from you seemed too viscous to use on our self-spinning rotary union. We were wary to use the grease but after trying it one time we realized that this grease caused the head to spin double any speed it had previously spun, greatly increasing the productivity of the rotary union.

We cannot put higher marks on Fluidine MRP and Fluidine grease. These products have exceeded our expectations and we rarely find products that impress us as your products have. Our applications are extreme in nature and your products have changed the game for us. We cannot say thank you enough and we look forward to being a lifelong customer of yours and we will continue to voice the high quality of your products to others.

Don Bailey and Team

American Waterjet Robotics, LLC


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